PartnerPlusBenefit Rewards Scheme

Fly in style with free round-trip business class upgrades, €100 hotel vouchers, six free Heathrow Express tickets and more

Get 3,000 travel points to spend on PartnerPlusBenefit's great travel rewards when you sign up, plus earn points when you fly

Save £100 - £500

2009 redeemed

What is Gold Card membership?
  • This benefit is exclusively for premium members
  • The Goldcard is a premium membership service offering the very best benefits found nowhere else

Benefit highlights

  1. Get 3,000 travel points when you join the Star Alliance PartnerPlusBenefit Programme exclusively through Huddlebuy Gold

  2. 3,000 points will get you one round-trip business class upgrade to Europe OR €100 hotel voucher OR six Heathrow Express single tickets and more

  3. PLEASE NOTE: This offer is only available to businesses and only one account can be setup per business

  4. Plus earn loyalty points for your business when you and your employees fly with Lufthansa, United Airlines and eight other Star Alliance Airlines

  5. Buy flights from your favourite travel agent or online site and still redeem your points from PartnerPlusBenefit

  6. Use in conjunction with your personal rewards scheme, so you continue gaining personal points and build up points for your business too

Benefit information

[PLEASE NOTE: This offer is only applicable to businesses and only one account can be setup per business]

We bet that you, like most businesses, don't get any travel credit when your employees travel.


We'll show you how to change that by turning business travel costs into travel rewards with the PartnerPlusBenefit Scheme - the world's largest travel rewards programme for businesses.


Start earning valuable loyalty points for your business every time you or your employees fly with Lufthansa, United Airlines and 8 other Star Alliance Airlines and enjoy redeeming the fantastic rewards available.


Get 3,000 points (exclusive to Huddlebuy Gold) when you join PartnerPlusBenefit as well as points when you or your employees fly thereafter.


You can use this in conjuction with any existing personal rewards schemes you are already subscribed to, so you continue getting personal points whilst your business builds up points too.


And what's more, you and your team can still buy flights from your favourite travel agent or online sites.


With benefits like award flights, round-trip business class upgrades, free hotel vouchers, free airport parking and so much more available, just think of the savings you could make on business and personal travel.



What You'll Get

A double welcome bonus - When you sign up you'll receive 1,500 points followed by another 1,500 points when you take your first flight.

What will these 3,000 points get me?

  • A round-trip business class upgrade on a European flight
  • 100 Euros worth of hotel vouchers valid at 70,000 hotels worldwide
  • 9 days business airport parking
  • 6 Heathrow Express Express Class single tickets or 3 Business First Class single tickets


Points every time you fly -

  • Get points with Lufthansa, United Airlines or any of the Star Alliance Airlines pictured below
  • You and your employees can earn points for your business
  • Book flights through any travel agent or online site, and as long as you pay with the payment card associated with your account your points will be credited.



Fantastic rewards to redeem including

  • Award flights (you just pay the cost of taxes) and business class upgrades
  • Hotel eGiftcards - redeemable at over 70,000 hotels worldwide
  • Cashback in Pounds Sterling or Euros
  • Free airport parking
  • Discounts at WorldShop on products including travel and office accessories, lifestyle products, electronics and much more
  • Heathrow Express tickets and limousine and taxi transfers
  • Free luxurious meeting and conference room bookings
  • And so much more...


5 Reasons You'll Love it

  • You'll be making money every time you fly
  • Fly in style thanks to the business class upgrades
  • Works in conjunction with any personal reward schemes you belong to - gain personal points and points for your business at the same time
  • Purchase flights from absolutely anywhere to get your points
  • Costs nothing to join



How do I claim my welcome bonus of 3,000 points?

1) Get your first 1,500 points by clicking the "redeem this benefit" button below. You can either call PartnerPlusBenefit quoting a code we'll give you or follow a link to receive a call from PartnerPlusBenefit - You'll have to sign up with a payment card, but no money will be taken.

2) Then earn 1,500 points when you book your first flight by contacting PartnerPlusBenefit and quoting the code given when you redeem this deal. Once your first flight is tracked in your account your points will be added.

You'll then be able to spend your 3,000 points on anything you like including round-trip business class upgrades, free airport parking, hotel vouchers, Heathrow Express tickets and more...


How long are my points valid for and which airlines are valid?

Points are valid for 3 years. The airlines included are Lufthansa, United Airlines, Swiss International Airlines, All Nippon Airways (ANA), Air Canada, Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Germanwings, LOT Polish Airlines and TAP Portugal


Do I need to do anything else?

You must buy your travel in the UK or Ireland and fly at least once a year on any of the associated airlines to maintain your membership.

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Save £100 - £500

2009 redeemed

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