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Free guide: How to Cut Your Business' Postage and Shipping Costs

Includes top tips and advice for ensuring your business saves money on mailing this year

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  1. Free downloadable guide to cutting your business' postage and shipping costs

  2. Includes top tips and advice for ensuring your business saves money on mailing this year

  3. Save money while getting the most out of your post - including sending branded stationery for less spend

  4. Discover how to shave time off your mail preparation and streamline your entire mailing process

Benefit information

Did you know that every single day 59 million letters, packets and parcels are delivered by the Royal Mail, and a huge 88% of these are sent by businesses?


Despite the huge quantities of business post going out each day, many small businesses struggle with inefficient and poorly managed postal systems, which ultimately add up to time and money unnecessarily spent on sending out necessary packages and letters each week. 


You may not even realise that there is room for MASSIVE savings in your own business' postal system... 


...And that's exactly why we've teamed up with Pitney Bowes to offer you the ultimate, FREE guide to slashing your business' postage costs this year!





This handy guide is packed with top tips and advice that we bet you hadn't thought of. For instance, did you know that you could be advertising on EVERY piece of post you send out, while actually cutting your overall postage costs?


Your FREE guide includes:

  • Top tips for cutting your postage spend 
  • Ways to streamline your mailing process
  • How to maximise your mailing efficiency for minimal spend
  • A list of the most cost-effective shipping options available to you
  • How to ensure you get the best rates on worldwide shipping
  • The best carriers for both UK and worldwide delivery to help keep your costs down
  • And much, much more...


PLUS: Want to see instant savings on postage?


Discover instant postage savings with a Pitney Bowes Franking Machine, FREE for 30 days + £30 FREE postage.


This hard-working digital mailing system lets you take control of your postage while ensuring that you’re paying the absolute minimum for it. If you send an average of just 15 second class letters or 10 second class packets per week you’ll see great savings.


As well as saving time and money, you can up your professionalism with a franking impression. This promotional message or symbol creates a visible identity across all mailing, reinforcing your brand and creating consistency for your customers.


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