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  1. Save 4% on Virgin Atlantic flights  holidayemail

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  3. An award-winning flying experience

  4. Premium inflight entertainment


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If you’re planning on jetting off around the globe, Virgin Atlantic have over 200 worldwide destinations and a fleet of state-of-the-art long-haul planes to make your journey a pleasure from takeoff to touch-down.

As a Huddlebuy Gold member, you can save 4% on a Virgin Gift Card, which you can then use to purchase tickets for any Virgin Atlantic flights.

As Europe’s leading airline to North America (according to the World Travel Awards 2015 anyway), you know you’re in safe hands. Don’t worry though  – Virgin Atlantic have destinations all around the world, so you can experience that premium class of travel from Florida to Auckland (going the long way, obviously).

How does it work?

When you buy your Virgin gift card, we’ll knock 4% off whatever you pay. That means you could get a gift card for £1000 and only pay £960. You’ll then have £1000 to spend on any flights you like. 

You can buy a gift card for any amount up to £2000, but you can buy as many cards as you want, so there’s no limit on your savings. 

You can read all FAQs for Virgin gift cards by clicking here.

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Save £20 - £150

4357 redeemed

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